{Friday Faves} Personal Favorites

We are back from Tennessee! Woohoo! It was so so much fun.

But it is great to be home again.

Ok guys. These Friday Faves started with my sister, I would send her

things that I just love,

so I decided that it’s time that they

make a regular appearance on the blog.


 we can all use a little pick me up…

find out what other people like….

and it’s just good.


This week my favorites begin with this guy that has been filling my ears

and heart with joy. I seriously can’t stop listening to this


Thanks for your beautiful voice Mr. Justin Timberlake. You make my heart happy.



Next favorite – Gel Liner by Youngblood





If you haven’t tried gel liner yet,  you are missing out!

This is probably my most favorite piece of make-up, so of course it had to be on

the first list of Friday faves…

My favorite is the eclipse color, but they have a few different

colors to choose from.

Youngblood has amazing mineral make-up, amazing quality, lasts forever…

(Good for weddings…. Just sayin!)

It does require a liner brush, and a little practice,

but it’s just amazing!

Try it. The end.





Junior Mints.

Yep. The candy that I hadn’t eaten in probably

10 years. Okay, maybe just 5 years…

I saw them on the shelf one day  this summer

(I obviously HAD to get them….)

needless to say…. now I can’t stop eating them.



Send me your favorites so I can try them too!


or just leave a comment!


Much love,



We’re off to Tennessee to visit my family!

I’ll try and return all emails as quickly as I can, but the delay may be a little longer than usual.

Thanks everyone, I’ll be sure to post some pics when we are back!

Much love, Carlee

{Pioneer Day} 2013

Happy Pioneer day all!

I guess I am pretty happy that those Pioneers came into the

valley and settled Utah for the rest of us.

It has become a pretty great state,

and I am happy to live in it.

Also the fact that it’s a state holiday too and I get to hike and play with my husband –

That makes it amazing.

I am proud of my cute husband who is finishing his last year at the U of U,

and my cute little bro. who just finished his first year at BYU.

Yay Utah!!

Anyone ready for a chuckwagon breakfast and fireworks???

We will be there.

Much love,


ps- enjoy these patriotic themed party pictures 🙂

2013-07-20_0009 2013-07-20_0010 2013-07-20_0011 2013-07-20_0012 2013-07-20_0013 2013-07-20_0014 2013-07-20_0015 2013-07-20_0016


Yes, I know. I love Regulus.

Enough that he needed his own post okay? Okay.

He is just so cute sometimes, like when I am editing photos he will jump on my lap

and just lay there for hours. Or when it’s time to wake up he’ll come and lay right on

my face so I have to get up. Or he will bring his ribbons over to me.

Just because.

I love him.

But he is a weird cat and it’s cute.


Oh and on the subject of weird cats… Check out Mayor Stubbs here.

Yep. This cat is for reals a mayor.

Much love,